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Bears, Marathon, DST, Jets Tailgate

Hello all,

Just a quick note. The Nathan Peterman led Bills take on the Bears at 1pm. The NYC Marathon is going on, so plan your travels accordingly. Also Daylight Savings Time ends so you get an extra hour of sleep.

Next week is the Jets tailgate. Some changes this year due to construction and group tickets getting sold out. I’ve tried to put everything together on one page. Please let me know if I’m missing anything.

– Matt Soreco

Bills at Jets – Tailgate Info 2018


  • Game Sunday, November 11, 2018.
  • Game starts at 1:00 pm.
  • Lot opens at 8:00 am (NFL rules)
  • I suggest you get there first thing if you want to park right next to the action. The lot doesn’t fill up very quickly so if you aren’t there first thing, you probably won’t be too far away.

We are going to park in lot 27, near pole “A”. This lot is an orange parking pass lot. Google “lot 27 Met Life” for directions if driving in. For walkers used to lot 26, pass in front of the old IZOD center, progress to crosswalk, it is straight ahead.


Important note from Kenny aka Pinto Ron:
Three of the last six road trip events I have been a part of have been shut down by the police. Stadium’s are becoming intolerant to large masses of fans assembling, leaving a giant messes, and engaging in shenanigans (think table crashing). What happens is a group of 2 or 3 will wander in with a 18 or 24 pack and a bag of munchies. When they leave there are 18 or 28 empty cans and empty bags of munchies scattered on the ground where whey were standing. Multiple this by several hundred and we have a huge problem.

In the past few years, Pinto crew members have stayed late (usually half the first quarter) to at least beat the mess down to a more manageable level to avoid being banned the next year. We are not doing that this year. This will be my 400th consecutive game and I don’t plan on missing any of it picking up garbage. We are providing garbage bags, and there are dumpsters to place trash in (or near). This is not too much to ask, don’t get us chased out of here next year! This is last tailgating lot on this side of the stadium, and one of the last lots at the lowest parking costs.




  • Food and drinks are bring your own.
  • Do you need to bring a grill (or other cooking equipment)? There are others with them. I’m sure they would share space, but I would highly recommend either bringing your own or sandwich type foods.


    • Unfortunately the group tickets have been sold out.
    • Your best bet is StubHub or Ticketmaster.


    •  A few years back, the lot was left an utter disaster. Jets/NFL security wasn’t happy.
    • Be respectful. Yes the Meadowlands was built on a garbage dump, but lets not add more garbage on top. All kidding aside, we need to be respectful.
    • We need a volunteer to bring garbage bags.
    • Ken “Pinto Ron” Johnson is the man responsible for starting this tailgate, lets not mess up his reputation. He’s a legend.
  • Is MetLife safe for Bills fans? My personal experience is yes absolutely. Yes there will be some trash talking, but nothing too bad. Like any place in the world, it almost always takes 2 to escalate.
  • Will there be a TV to watch the game? Most likely not.
  • McFadden’s and Calicos will still have the game on.
  • If a group of more than 8 is needed, please call Tom Giulietti with the NY Jets, 973–549–4872. Mention the NYCBBB!


The Loss of Sweet Sally Sunshine

Today we mourn the loss of Sally Kabel. Sally is the daughter of Matt Kabel, NYCBBB’s proud co-founder.

6 year old Sally had beaten infant leukemia, but faced many other ongoing health complications as a result of the chemotherapy she needed. An aggressive infection took her life yesterday.

While Sally has been taken from earth, the life lessons she taught us live on. Be courageous. Be strong. Be loving. Be cheerful despite fighting obstacles. Be a ray of Sunshine.

We respect Matt, Nicole, and their sons’ privacy at this time. Right now, their only wish is to ask others to wear yellow or gold tomorrow (Friday) to honor Sweet Sally Sunshine. We will share any other news or information as we learn them.

Some Info, Thank you

Hello all,

Just a quick update/heads up. The bars will only play the preseason games that air live on the NFL Network. Tonight’s game, unfortunately, won’t be shown at the bars. We’ll send out an update about the rest of the preseason games very soon.
I want to give a big thank you to Steve Saslow and the staff at for all the years of hard work and dedication. They’ve decided to shut down the site. This has been my one an only go to site for Bills news for the last 20 years. While not the prettiest looking site, it gave me every bit of info on one page. I think their genius was in their ability to summarize EVERYTHING going on with the team (news, depth chart, injuries, front office/free agents) in as concise of a manner possible. I will miss it dearly. Thank you again Steve!

Jets Game Tailgate
The Jets are once again offering us group ticket rates for the game at Met Life on November 11. A lot more about the yearly tailgate will come soon, but in the meantime if you are interested in tickets, you can visit our special page:

Matt Soreco

Buffalo Bills 2018 Schedule

Date Opponent Time
Thu. Aug. 9 CAROLINA 7:00
Fri. Aug. 17 at Cleveland 7:30
Sun. Aug. 26 CINCINNATI 4:00
Thu. Aug. 30 at Chicago 8:00
Regular Season
Date Opponent Time
Sun. Sept. 9 at Baltimore 1:00
Sun. Sept. 16 LA CHARGERS 1:00
Sun. Sept. 23 at Minnesota 1:00
Sun. Sept. 30 at Green Bay 1:00
Sun. Oct. 7 TENNESSEE 1:00
Sun. Oct. 14 at Houston 1:00
Sun. Oct. 21 at Indianapolis 1:00
Mon. Oct. 29 NEW ENGLAND 8:15
Sun. Nov. 4 CHICAGO 1:00
Sun. Nov. 11 at NY Jets 1:00
Sun. Nov. 18 BYE
Sun. Nov. 25 JACKSONVILLE 1:00
Sun. Dec. 2 at Miami 1:00
Sun. Dec. 9 NY JETS 1:00
Sun. Dec. 16 DETROIT 1:00
Sun. Dec. 23 at New England 1:00
Sun. Dec. 30 MIAMI 1:00

Superbowl Party at McFadden’s

Hello all,

We just wanted to let everyone know that McFadden’s will be putting on a Super Bowl party for Bills fans.

Bills fans get $10 off their $40 beer and wing package. There will be room in the back bar set aside just for Bills fans.

They will also have tables available for reservations in the dining room if you prefer. For table reservations, please call Hollie at 212-986-1515.

The package includes all draft beer from 5:30pm until the end of the Super Bowl. The package also includes 50 cent wings. Must order minimum of 10 wings per order.

The link below is to buy tickets online. The promo code for $10 for Bills fans is: BILLSMAFIA


Matt Soreco

Bills at Jets / Tailgate on November 2, Get Tickets Now!

Hello all,

1st place in the AFC East! Feels great, no? I took a page from Shady and was walking around telling my coworkers to “Come talk to the winners!” It didn’t go over too well…

Speaking of AFC East, the Jets are offering us group rates again. Tickets either $65 or $45.

  • Here is the link to order:
  • Use this promo code when prompted: BACKERS17
  • Don’t forget parking ticket if driving!

All other tailgate info is on this page:


Matt Soreco