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Superbowl Party at McFadden’s

Hello all,

We just wanted to let everyone know that McFadden’s will be putting on a Super Bowl party for Bills fans.

Bills fans get $10 off their $40 beer and wing package. There will be room in the back bar set aside just for Bills fans.

They will also have tables available for reservations in the dining room if you prefer. For table reservations, please call Hollie at 212-986-1515.

The package includes all draft beer from 5:30pm until the end of the Super Bowl. The package also includes 50 cent wings. Must order minimum of 10 wings per order.

The link below is to buy tickets online. The promo code for $10 for Bills fans is: BILLSMAFIA


Matt Soreco

Bills at Jets / Tailgate on November 2, Get Tickets Now!

Hello all,

1st place in the AFC East! Feels great, no? I took a page from Shady and was walking around telling my coworkers to “Come talk to the winners!” It didn’t go over too well…

Speaking of AFC East, the Jets are offering us group rates again. Tickets either $65 or $45.

  • Here is the link to order:
  • Use this promo code when prompted: BACKERS17
  • Don’t forget parking ticket if driving!

All other tailgate info is on this page:


Matt Soreco

Bills at Jets – Tailgate Info 2017


  • Game Thursday, November 2, 2017.
  • Game starts at 8:25pm.
  • Lot opens at 3:25pm (NFL rules)
  • I suggest you get there first thing if you want to park right next to the action. The lot doesn’t fill up very quickly so if you aren’t there first thing, you probably won’t be too far away.





  • Food and drinks are bring your own.
  • Do you need to bring a grill (or other cooking equipment)? There are others with them. I’m sure they would share space, but I would highly recommend either bringing your own or sandwich type foods.


  • If you need tickets ($45 or $65):
    • Here is the link to order:
    • Use this promo code when prompted: BACKERS17
    • Don’t forget parking ticket if driving!


    •  A few years back, the lot was left an utter disaster. Jets/NFL security wasn’t happy.
    • Be respectful. Yes the Meadowlands was built on a garbage dump, but lets not add more garbage on top. All kidding aside, we need to be respectful.
    • We need a volunteer to bring garbage bags.
    • Ken “Pinto Ron” Johnson is the man responsible for starting this tailgate, lets not mess up his reputation. He’s a legend.
  • Is MetLife safe for Bills fans? My personal experience is yes absolutely. Yes there will be some trash talking, but nothing too bad. Like any place in the world, it almost always takes 2 to escalate.
  • Will there be a TV to watch the game? Most likely not.
  • Orange Parking pass
  • McFadden’s and Calicos will still have the game on.
  • If a group of more than 8 is needed, please call Zach Gilbert with the NY Jets, 973-549-4712. Mention the NYCBBB!


2017 Draft Party and 16 Years!

Hello all 2,000+ NYC Bills Fans:

It’s that time of the year again. No, not the NFL Draft, but when we realize it’s been another year of playoff-less Bills football. 16 years ago we started this thing on 42nd and 2nd in midtown (actually the first gathering when we traded for Drew Bledsoe was on the Upper East Side), and since then we’ve gotten married, had kids, switched careers. Matt and I would joke about the “old guys”, now we are those guys.

Hell, even the length of time we’ve been running NYCBBB has grown old enough to start driving a car in Western NY. After the Sabres debacle of last week you have to hope the Pegulas are trending upward on the learning curve of running pro franchises. It was a good move to bring in a PR guy as showing off your disastrous front office through leaks and cringe-worthy press conferences won’t strike confidence in us fans. Hopefully more is being done behind the scenes, realizing the Russ Brandon-esque popular marketing moves may be fun for fans but don’t translate into wins on the field.

That said (again), let’s talk NFL Draft. Who the hell has the final call on the 10th overall pick – GM Doug Whaley, Coach Sean McDermott or the Pegulas? Sounds like the Bills are exploring trading up or down, personally I doubt they take a QB early and go defense instead to work in McDermott’s system. Come join us this Thursday and find out!

We’ll offer these two options both Thursday 4/27 and Friday 4/28 from 7-11PM:

1) Free wristband good for $3 domestic AND import drafts, including Labatt Blue (we have a bunch of new imports and micro-brews–we actually added 5 draft lines) AND half priced mixed drinks (top shelf)

2) Pay $15 at the door, good for unlimited chicken wings (by the order) and also receive the same drink special above ($3 all drafts, half priced top shelf mixed drinks)

On Saturday we’ll do our standard special:

We’ll see you there!

2017 NY/NJ Games
Looks like the Bills are opening up the season against the Jets at home, and then play here for a Thursday night game. Home Openers are tough to plan for due to limited tickets, but we’ll plan a tailgate for the game here as always.

2018 Winter Classic
Rumor has it the Sabres will take on the Rangers at Citi Field for the Winter Classic on New Year’s Day. It’s too bad there are no bars over there for us to meet up at. Oh wait, McFadden’s has a massive pub IN the stadium! We’ve already chatted, and once things are confirmed we’ll totally be planning a Sabres event around that. Details to come.
Matt “Talkin’ proud and really hope our NYC losing streak won’t grow old enough to vote” Kabel



Year Coach Win Loss Games Win Percentage
2016 Lynn 0 1 1 0%
2016 Lynn 0 1 1 0%
2016 Ryan 7 8 15 46.67%
2015 Ryan 8 8 16 50.00%
2015-2016 Ryan 15 16 31 48.39%
2014 Marrone 9 7 16 56.25%
2013 Marrone 6 10 16 37.50%
2013-2014 Marrone 15 17 32 46.88%
2012 Gailey 6 10 16 37.50%
2011 Gailey 6 10 16 37.50%
2010 Gailey 4 12 16 25.00%
2010-2012 Gailey 16 32 48 33.33%
 –  –  –  –  –  –
2009 Fewel 3 4 7 42.86%
2009 Jauron 3 6 9 33.33%
2008 Jauron 7 9 16 43.75%
2007 Jauron 7 9 16 43.75%
2006 Jauron 7 9 16 43.75%
2006-2009 Jauron Only 24 33 57 42.11%
 –  –  –  –  –  –
2005 Mularkey 5 11 16 31.25%
2004 Mularkey 9 7 16 56.25%
2004-2005 Mularkey 14 18 32 43.75%
 –  –  –  –  –
2003 Williams 6 10 16 37.50%
2002 Williams 8 8 16 50.00%
2001 Williams 3 13 16 18.75%
2001-2003 Williams 17 31 48 35.42%

Here we go & Rex and Rob Reunited 

Hello all,

Are you ready for some football?

I’m sure everyone already knows, the Bills get things started this Sunday at 1 against the Ravens.

Here are some links for all the newbies on the list:



Rex and Rob Reunited
Michelle Girardi Zumwalt, who produced ESPN’s 30 for 30 Four Falls of Buffalo, is at it again with Rex and Rob Reunited, which premieres tonight on MSG at 10:30 in the NYC Area (8:30 in Buffalo and Rochester). Michelle has built quite the resume, of course her most prestigious role was a writer for NYCBBB. 😉

More info:–Rob-%E2%80%9CHere-we-are%E2%80%9D–/7fd2dd88-0384-47f1-bab1-e0ff158124c9


– Matt Soreco