1) Where does NYCBBB watch games?

McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s
800 2nd Avenue (at 42nd Street)
New York, NY 10017

2) How do I join?

Just subscribe to our e-mail list. Even that’s not required. If you share the passion for the Bills, you are more than welcome to come to any of our events.

3) Is there any membership fee?

No. Just come, and root for the Bills.

4) How can I keep up to date with the latest news and events?

Sign up to our e-mail list.

5) Are non-bills fans allowed?

Sure. Anyone can come to our events. Of course you may feel out of place in the company of hundreds of Bills fans.

6) Are there drink specials at McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s?

Yes, to see our drink specials go to:

7) Do I have to buy into the special to come to either bar?

McFadden’s, yes. Calico Jacks, no.

8) Can I reserve a table?

Yes! Calico Jack’s accepts reservations by calling any time after noon on Tuesdays before the game. Their number is 212-557-4300. McFadden’s does not accept reservations. Please note: Parties won’t be seated until the full party is there and you MUST be there by 12:40 or you’ll lose your seats. No exceptions.

9) What’s the difference between McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s on game day?

Both offer the same specials and the game on all TVs with sound. McFadden’s is typically a younger and louder crowd, Calico’s has more of the “old timers” that have been watching games with NYCBBB since the beginning, has more seating, takes reservations, and is the place to watch if you want to focus on the game. However when the Bills score, we assure you that both places equal in the level of FANdamonium.

If you get to McFadden’s and see it’s jam packed, remember to check next door at Calico Jack’s!

10) What time should I get there to get a seat?

For McFadden’s, we’ve seen people line up at 9am for a 1pm kickoff, so the only answer we can give is EARLY. Your best option is to call Calico’s on the Tuesday before game day and reserve a seat.

11) Can I help out with NYCBBB?

Sure! Just email us at and tell us how you’d like to help or if you have any suggestions.