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Bills @ Texans, Thank You

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans!

As somebody from the Bills org mentioned to me after the game last week – “The defense is starting to look like what we thought it’d be this season, the offense is starting to come around as we hoped”. I’d say that’s a good summary of where we’re at. The defense is starting to gel and show promises of what their potential could be. I liked that they reigned in Josh Allen last week and fed the McCoy meter, give the rock to your best player and let Allen learn he doesn’t need to carry the team on every play like he did in college. Hopefully during the season a balance between those will be struck.

The Bills head down to Houston this weekend to take on the Texans. It’s finally turned to fall here in NYC, so those who have been spending their Sundays squeezing in those last sips of mimosas on 80 degree Sunday afternoons the last few weeks…it’s time to come home and join your NYC Bills Backers as we’re 2-3 and in the thick of things.

Join us at McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s this Sunday at 1pm, my son William and I are planning on being there.

Thank You

I wanted to thank all of you who have reached out to me and my family about the loss of our 6 year old daughter Sally. She was an inspiration to us all. I wore a Bills shirt when she was born, and wore one as she passed away in our arms. She didn’t know what a baseball or hockey puck was, but she knew what a football was and loved to play catch with one. She loved the Buffalo Bills, she would always choose a Bills shirt over any other option we presented, and would yell “Go Buffalo” whenever she saw football on TV.

She was a beautiful child, both inside and out, and Daddy, Mommy, Thomas and William miss her so much. We also know she’s in a better place. William felt strongly we’d win last week because Sally would bring us luck, and sure enough, she did. Thank you Sally.

There will be an article on Sally in this Sunday’s Buffalo News, we gave an emotional interview at the game last week where we were guests of the team and the PUNT fund, so be on the lookout.

Love to you all, thank you for the support, Go Bills! #GoBills #BeLikeSally

Matt “Talkin Proud and Missing His Littlest Bills Fan” Kabel

Chargers @ Bills, Josh Allen!

Hello all 2,200 NYC Bills Fans!

As I mentioned last week, anybody who thought we were going to be a solid playoff caliber team is kidding themselves. The franchise had itself a badly needed enema a year ago, and I personally think the McBeane duo has a total of 4 seasons to get this right (including last season). It’s going to take time to build a perennial playoff caliber team through several drafts and some key free agents. It’s going to be a wild ride getting there, and us fans need to be a bit patient (and yes I know we’ve been patient for a long time). I don’t fault McDermott’s decision to start Peterman either, it took a bit of pressure off our new starting QB, Josh Allen (and gave him a touch of an ego check). Be patient Bills fans, Allen is going to have a lot of ups and downs this season, just enjoy the ride.

C’mon down to 42nd and 2nd tomorrow to catch the start of that ride along with your fellow NYC Bills Backers as they take on the San D….Los Angeles Chargers at 1pm. Lots of fans always head up to the motherland for the home opener, so you have a slightly better chance at getting a good spot in the bars. I’m sure everybody wants to watch Allen’s first game with some other Mafia.

See you tomorrow!

McFadden’s/Calico’s Feedback
We always welcome feedback on how things are watching the games at the bar, so please hit us up. Also, if you aren’t already doing so please follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Long Island Fans
We received an email from a fan out in Long Island that some Bills Mafia meet at MoMos in Bayport if you want to check out:
Momos Sports Bar & Grill
667 Montauk Hwy
Bayport, NY 11705



Matt “talkin’ proud and hope the kid is the answer” Kabel

Bills @ Ravens, Ruben Brown & Donald Jones at McFadden’s!

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans!

And away we go, the 2018 Buffalo Bills season kicks off this Sunday as our Bills head to Baltimore for a 1pm showdown. Just like last season my expectations are tempered. We fell into the playoffs last year and this year is another season of building the long-term foundation. Next year we have a boatload of cap space and a ton of draft picks, so enjoy the ride and Trust the Process. Remember, Russ Brandon ran the franchise into the ground over the previous decade and that takes time to undo, but I have full confidence that McBeane is righting the ship in the right way.

That said, a couple announcements:

  1. We’re excited to re-announce that Ruben Brown and Donald Jones will be returning to McFadden’s each week to record their Buffalo Soldiers podcast. They’ll be at the bar this Sunday, so please give them a warm welcome!
  2. McFadden’s seating is first come first serve, and the line starts EARLY. Like 9am might not be early enough. Calico’s will continue their reservation policy.
  3. Specials will remain the same as last year (, but with some additions including all new Beer Towers! Please note, everybody at your table must have a wristband in order to enjoy this Pete Metzelaars-sized goodness. We may adjust the policy this season as we determine the best way to facilitate.
  5. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook
  6. Finally, remember that we’re all one Bills family and to respect each other, the bars and their staff. Let’s have fun this season.

Let’s do this thing. Here we go Buffalo!

Matt “talkin’ proud and fired up to have Ruben and Donald join the NYCBBB family” Kabel


Dahlin Day, NHL Draft Party Tonight

Hello all 2,000+ NYC Bills/Sabres Fans!

Happy Dahlin Day! Tonight is the NHL Draft and the Sabres will officially select generational talent Rasmus Dahlin with the first overall pick. There’s also rumors the Sabres could trade up in the top of the draft, even as high as #3 overall.

Come join other Sabres at McFadden’s tonight to catch the action. Here’s the info again:

Let’s go Buffalo!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and we need a goalie too” Kabel

Buffalo Sabres #1 Pick Draft Party @ McFadden’s

Hello all 2,000+ NYC Bills (and Sabres) fans!

On the same weekend where our Buffalo Bills secured what is hopefully our QB of the future (and a stud linebacker for years to come, and Kyle Williams replacement), the Sabres won the #1 OVERALL PICK in the NHL Draft Lottery! They are expected to use the pick to select phenom Rasmus Dahlin, an insanely great defenseman from Sweden. (and if they don’t, I fear Buffalo will burn to the ground)

It’s said he’s a generational talent with elite potential. Here’s nice little writeup/video on him:

With the excitement around this pick, we’ve been asked by Sabres fans in the area to throw a draft party similar to what we do with the NFL so folks can get together and celebrate it.

You’re damn right we will, so here we go….

On Friday, June 22nd the NHL Draft kicks off at 7pm. From 2PM-5PM for those with Summer Fridays or who just want to get an early start, McFadden’s will be offering $5 drafts, ½ priced specialty cocktails, and $5 glasses of Rose. (I’d pay to see some dude in a Rob Ray jersey drinking Rose)

From 5PM to 9PM, the Dahlin Special kicks in with $4 Labatt Blue drafts, $15 Blue pitchers, and 50 cent wings (orders of 10/20).

Come on down to McFadden’s and watch us select the best defenseman seen in years, all are welcome!  

Swede, Swede, Swede!!!

Did you hear Anchor Bar opened in Manhattan:

Oh…and RUSS BRANDON GOT FIRED, what a great offseason indeed!!!!!

Matt “talkin’ proud and fired up about the direction our teams are heading in!” Kabel

Draft Party TONIGHT, Buffalo News Article, Meet Ruben Brown/Ted Washington/Donald Jones

Hello all 2,200 NYC Bills Fans!

It’s finally here, in just hours we’ll find out if Buffalo has their quarterback of the future! If you’re on Twitter you can see the explosion of opinions about what Buffalo should do, who they should take.

Me? For the first time over 15 years I have faith in the Buffalo Bills GM/HC duo that they’re going to do what’s best for the team to win. Not reach (JP Losman), not make a marketable pick (EJ Manuel), not make an arrogant pick (Roscoe Parrish) or an unneeded pick (Willis MaGahee).

If they draft a QB, it’ll be one they view as the franchise guy. If they don’t, they didn’t feel comfortable with what was left or couldn’t pull off the trade needed. If they use picks 12/22 to enhance the team without a QB, I’ll take that as a win as they know they need a QB, but aren’t going to reach to do it. Whoever they pick, I’ll be behind 100%.

That said, there’s no better place to see what the Bills do than McFadden’s tonight! Seriously, I mean:

1) We’ve got drink specials kicking off at 8pm: at

2) We’ve got Bills great Ruben Brown and Donald Jones recording a live podcast at the bar with special guest, Ted Washington! You can read more about that here: at

3) Oh, and our club was featured in the Buffalo News today too!

Sounds like Ruben, Donald and Ted will be starting their podcast around 7pm, so we recommend getting there early as we’re sure it’s gonna be a heck of a crowd to see what McBeane does.

We’ll see ya tonight!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and fired up to head to McFadden’s tonight!” Kabel

NFL Draft Party, 17 Years!, Ruben Brown LIVE Podcast @ McFadden’s!

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans!

The annual NYCBBB Draft Party is just a few weeks away, and as always, it’s also a celebration of the founding of our NYC Bills Backers when Matt & I first gathered with a small contingent at a small bar called Bar Coastal for our inaugural event. We drafted Mike Williams that year, let’s hope this year is more successful.

That said, McBeane has been slowly acquiring picks and moving up the draft board. It was reported yesterday that Beane is “trying like hell” to trade up to #2 with the Giants but will likely require another trade up closer before that can happen. Stay tuned. All I can say is the Jets overpaying to trade up to #3 really screwed us. So, let’s screw ‘em back.

That is IF (key word, IF) McBeane feels “their guy” is up there. With the moves they’ve been making, it feels like he is. It makes me think back to the 2004 draft where Tom Donahoe failed to make a trade to move up and select Ben Roethlisberger (“their guy”) and instead overpaid to move up for a player they settled with (JP Losman). This is the year, they have the capital, they have the need and are in striking distance. They may not get this chance again for awhile. Make it happen. Don’t settle.

We also have some exciting news to share – Bills great Ruben Brown has agreed to host all his podcasts this season at McFadden’s! Starting with the NFL Draft, Reuben and Donald Jones will host Ted Washington at McFadden’s for a LIVE podcast on the 26th recording in the back room. They will record their weekly podcasts in the bar on Mondays following games. More details to come!

We’ll see you on April 26th at McFadden’s for the draft, our first time as a playoff team!

NFL Draft Specials at McFadden’s

On Thursday (26 th ) and Friday (27 th ) the following will be offered from 8-11pm:
– $5 beers, cocktails
– 50 cent wings with orders of 10/20 wings
– For the spirited Bills Mafia – $30 all you can drink (with the same 50 cent wing special)
– Table reservations begin at 8pm

On Saturday the $5 beers/cocktails and 50 cent wings specials will be available during the draft.


Matt “Talkin’ proud and hoping McBeane pulls the trigger!” Kabel

Johnny Utahs, PUNT Foundation Raffle

Hello all 2,000+ NYC Bills fans!

We’re only 24 hours from kickoff, seeing the masses of Bills fans heading south for the game is so awesome. I could have flown down for work as we’re doing an event in the stadium, but no. I’ve waited over 15 years for this moment, watching a Bills playoff game at McFadden’s. Nothing will stop me from watching it there with all of you and the guys we started it with. Soreco, me and the others will be sitting in the corner under the big screen in McFaddens, be sure to come say hello!

Couple quick additional announcements:

1) We added Johnny Utah’s as a 3rd viewing location for the game with the same specials/sound/Shout song as the other bars and weren’t sure if anybody would use it. Well, after 24 hours there’s already almost 100 RSVPs! They still have room so if you want a guaranteed spot, call now: 212.265.8824

2) Our friends at the Brian Moorman’s PUNT Foundation are flying in and will be raffling off an autographed Steve Hauschka helmet, a Lorenzo Alexander signed jersey and a Brian Moorman signed jersey (the MVP of the drought). All proceeds will go to families in Buffalo battling childhood cancer. While the Andy Dalton initiative has been great, let’s be sure to support the families in need in our own Queen City. I missed the Dolphins game at McFaddens as I was on my daughter’s Make A Wish trip after her own battle with cancer, I know personally how important the PUNT Foundation is to kids with cancer in Buffalo. Be sure to buy some tickets!

Last night William, my 8 year old, complained that there’s only 16 hours of footall to watch every season. No son, there’s at least 17 hours this year, let’s make it more.

Matt “Talkin’ proud and can’t wait for tomorrow” Kabel

THE PLAYOFFS! 3rd Watching Location Added

Hello all 2,000 NYC Bills Fans!

The P word happened.

A few weeks ago I was sitting at McFadden’s during a game with some of the old-timers who have been NYCBBB members for over a decade. I stared up at the 02 Bills jersey we mounted (signifying our group’s founding in 2002) several years before and said, “Man, all I want is to watch a Bills playoff game here, can you imagine the atmosphere?” I watched Bills games there (it was empty) in college with my brother since the drought’s beginning, and started the club with Matt Soreco shortly after, 15 years ago.

Soreco and I met our wives, had kids, changed careers and everything in between, but have never watched a Bills playoff game at McFadden’s or Calico’s. On Sunday evening when Bengals/Ravens game ended, we got our wish, and the wish of any Bills fan who has caught a game at either bar on 42nd and 2nd. Instantly my mind went to the faces of all of the fans who have caught games with us since we filled a small table in the dining room that very first game of our club. We even have people that haven’t watched a game with us in years flying in just to catch the game there this weekend.

This Sunday, the Bills take on the Jaguars IN THE PLAYOFFS at 1pm. There’s so much more I want to write (like how it’s not a coincidence that the first year Russ Brandon isn’t involved in football operations we make the playoffs), but we want to make sure every Bills fan in NYC can safely catch the game with their fellow fans. We’ve added a 3rd watching location, here’s the deal on all three:


  • Same process and specials as always, these are going to be prime seats so imagine folks will be out there earlier than ever before to get in line.
  • It’s supposed to be freezing, please dress appropriately


  • Same process and specials as always, again, arrive early if you want a spot
  • All reservations were booked immediately, so bar and standing room only


  • Knowing how crowded the 42nd St bars will be, and knowing we have way more than the 2,000 members on this list, we’ve created a 3rd watching location in the McFadden’s/Calico’s Family
  • Located by Rockefeller Center (21 West 51st Street)
  • Will offer the same format as the other bars – same drink/wing specials, game/sound on all TVs and a DJ to play the Shout Song
  • They WILL take reservations, which am sure will fill up fast 212.265.8824
  • Oh…and they have a mechanical bull….

It’s finally happened, see you on Sunday, it’s been a long time coming. Let’s do this.

Matt “Talkin’ proud and my heart hasn’t stopped racing” Kabel

Bills @ Pats, Winter Classic, Sabres Road Crew

Hello all 2,000+ NYC Bills Fans!

When’s the last time we’ve been able to mention the P word so close to Christmas? It’s fitting that we need to beat out the Patriots and the Dolphins for a shot at it. I still think it’s a long shot, but Christmas is the time for miracles, no?

Head down to McFadden’s and Calico’s on Christmas Eve this Sunday to see us face off against the Patriots at 1pm. It’s a perfect time to bring the family coming in town to check out the magic on 5th Avenue then to come inside for a nice cold beer, wings and some Bills football.

Couple other announcements:

I was fully planning on going to the Winter Classic when it was announced and making it my 8 year old’s first Sabres game. We’re going to be away for my daughter’s Make-A-Wish trip (the only thing that could stop me), but did speak to McFadden’s and they’ll be offering $4 drafts and $5 cocktails at their Citi Field location for Bills fans in need of the hair of the dog after New Year’s Eve.

In place of the Winter Classic, I’m now hoping to bring my kid to the 1/18 Sabres/Rangers game at MSG. The Sabres reached out to us and their Road Crew will be hitting McFadden’s on 1/17 in advance of the game. Tickets are $10 and Danny Gare, Rene Robert and Rob Ray will be on hand. Here is the flyer (, see you there!

From all of us at NYCBBB, we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Oh, and Go Bills, and Go Sabres!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and all I want for Christmas is Bills Playoff Football”