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New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills Tailgate!

Hello all,

Everybody hurting from yesterday’s loss? I WAS having a rough and depressing morning until I saw a girl throw up in front of me in Penn Station on my morning commute…then realized my day couldn’t possibly be as bad as HERS!! So now I’m fired up for this coming weekend!!!

My goal is for all of us to get together at the stadium EARLY before the game…then have some post-game celebrations after we beat the “Jokes from Jersey”. Lets all agree to meet in the stadium parking lot by 9:00 AM in Lot 16-C, which is where Bills fans have been meeting for some years now. I’ve heard the parking lot is packed by 10…so this is why I’m making the time so early…but as Bills fans…I think we can handle it!!!

McFadden’s has agreed to give us a keg of Labatt Blue (I call first keg-stand!!!), a couple trays of wings, and a 6 foot hero, which I will bring with me to the game…unless I drink it all on the way there! Should you bring beer and food regardless? YES! The way you guys have been going through beer on Sundays we can use all the alcohol we can get!

So in summary: Parking Lot C, Section 16 at 9:00 AM or earlier! Bring your own beer and food to be safe. Also, if somebody has a Bills flag that we can fly…that would be great! Lets make this as close as possible to tailgating in Orchard Park (FYI: the greatest Buffalo suburb). OH…bring a football too!


I will have my cell phone on and plan on being there if you can’t find us don’t hesitate to give me a call at (516) 425-9463

If you aren’t driving to the game, I suggest taking the Express Bus from Port Authority. Its $6.50 round trip and the busses leave as they are filled (like every 15 minutes). The bus picks up and drops off in Lot you’ll have to walk to C to find us. The busses run up to 30 minutes AFTER the game. Here is a link with this and other useful information:

OK…some of our fans still need tickets, including our own Matt Soreco! So try to find some and get in touch with me ASAP!

McFadden’s will still be open for our business on Sunday with the usual specials. If you aren’t going to the game, I suggest that you go there to watch the game! Do you really want to watch it home alone?

Feel free to email me questions/suggestions about the tailgate at mattk at or post on our message board


— Matt K

Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Hello All:

Come on out and join us at McFadden’s this Sunday at 1pm for what is sure to be an exciting game between our own Buffalo Bills (who in case you haven’t noticed are sitting at the top of the AFC East!) and the Kansas City Chiefs (whose #1 fan is a guy who wears the other team’s jersey with arrows sticking into it…LOSER!). Vegas is picking this as the highest scoring game of the week and Miami’s loss to the Jets made the New England debacle a wash for us! Doors open at 12 noon, seating is on a first come first serve basis….in other words…you want a seat…get there at noon!


T-shirts – we had some McFadden’s / NYCBBB t-shirts made up that will hopefully be in by today. We will be selling them for $15 each. A small amount of the proceeds will go to paying for our website, and the majority will be going to Jim Kelly’s Hunters Hope Foundation and the Buffalo Bills Youth Foundation. We encourage everybody to purchase one and help out two of Buffalo’s worthwhile charities.

Player Q/A – we still need questions for our player question and answer session…. Please e-mail me or post questions on our message board.

Pictures – many of you, in your drunk stupors, have come up to me and asked me to put your pictures on our website….well….Matt Soreco is more than willing to do so….but you have to remember to e-mail them to him. It’d be great if somebody got a shot of the guy on his buddies shoulders whipping his removed shirt around after we squished the fish!

Jets/Bills Tailgate – if you are going to the game…please come see me at my booth at halftime and we’ll plan out next week.


GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Matt Kabel

Player Q and A!

Hello all,

VERY cool news! the Buffalo Bills contacted us yesterday and would like to run an exclusive question and answer between a player and our NYCBBB chapter! the Q and A will be featured on the official website, bringing more publicity to our group, which has surpassed 350 members and is growing daily! (and its kinda cool!!!)

Through email exchanges with the Bills, we have narrowed it down to 3 players, ONE will answer our questions…..they are:

Josh Reed
Coy Wire
Pat Williams

These players would most likely take interest in answering our questions and less is known about them than a Bledsoe or Moulds etc….there are 2 WAYS of asking a question:

1) email me your name, the player’s name, your city and state, and your question
2) post on our message board under the player name – your name, your city and state and your question

Please respond ASAP!!! we will tally up the questions and whatever player gets the most, we will send that player the questions and he will answer some of them and they will appear on the main site. Please keep the questions positive because they will be on the OFFICIAL site.

FYI – I am planning a GREAT tailgate for before and after the jets/bills game….and will let you know details early next week!!!!!!

— Matt Kabel

Bye Weekend

Hello all 350+ of you,

Everybody still in ruins from last weekend? One more week to go! Just wanted to let everybody know that the specials at McFadden’s STILL STAND for this weekend even though there is no bills game. I don’t know about all of you, but Labatt Blue, buffalo wings, and football have become a fixture on my Sundays…and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a Bills bye interrupt that! So if you want…c’mon down and join me and watch one of the several good 1:00 games and have some beers and wings and try to forget about last week!

Due to the amount of email addresses, we’ve had some problems sending to our hotmail users…if any of you have an alternate address we can use let us know. Otherwise we’ll send them in bunches until we work the problem out.

— Matt Kabel

New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills Tickets

Hello all,

Anybody else still suffering from this weekend’s blowout? Don’t worry…we still have 2 MORE WEEKS to think about it…ugh! Thanks to the 350+ of you that showed up. To those of you first timers….trust’s even more fun when we are WINNING!

I’d like to apologize on behalf of McFadden’s for running out of wings, boneless wings, and fingers (yes there IS a difference between boneless wings and fingers!) at the end of the night, and they have assured me it won’t happen again. I guess they finally saw how serious we Buffalonians are about our wings! Let me know how you feel about the buffet style.

— Matt Kabel

New Special and Format

Hello all,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on a change in the service at McFadden’s that will begin this Sunday. From now on…there will be trays of buffalo wings now located on the dj both next to the kitchen that people with the all-you-can-eat/drink bracelets can help themselves to. This will free up extra time for the waiters, waitresses, and bartenders to better serve you drinks and other food. There will be 3 trays, one for boneless wings, one for regular HOT wings, and one for regular MILD wings. We are also adding another option for those who don’t get the special but want wings. $15 for all the wings you can eat from 12-6pm. We will try all of this out and see if it is more effective than the old way. Ahhhh…growing pains! Lets see how this goes and then you can give me feedback next week after we slaughter the Patriots!!!

— Matt Kabel

Drew Bowl!

Hello all,
(347 of you!)

Its finally here….the game of the season….not only for the Bills and the Patriots…but for the NFL. Drew Bledsoe will get a chance to have his revenge on his old team. If you haven’t been to a Bills Sunday at McFadden’s yet, this is the week that you should make the effort to go. IT WILL NOT BE TELEVISED LOCALLY!!!

There will be EXTRA BAR STAFF on hand to accommodate everybody this week. There is nothing like rooting for your team with 300 fellow fans! Lets try to break the record of 300 set 2 weeks ago for the Miami game!

Now, I know that the NY Marathon is this Sunday, but I don’t want anybody to use that as an excuse to not make it in for this huge game. To make things easier…for this weekend only.. McFadden’s will OPEN THEIR DOORS AT 11:30. There will be no booze served until noon due to state laws (which anybody who’s waited till noon in the snow at the 7-11 next to The Ralph knows!!!) but it will allow you the option to leave early and if you hit traffic, you still make the game…if you don’t hit any…then you get there early and get a seat and can read the paper. Since the special runs till can also hang out after the game and leave when the traffic dies down. So with this said…NO EXCUSES FOR NOT COMING! OK?…on to:


Bracelets – first I have to get something out of the way. when you buy the $25-30 wing/beer special and receive the bracelet..the special is ONLY intended for those with bracelets on. it is NOT acceptable to order beer/wings and give them to people without the bracelets who did not buy the special. if you are seen doing this, the owners will ask ME to ask you to leave…for good. lets agree to not do this so I won’t have to be the bad guy, because I will if I have to be. McFadden’s has gone out of their way to accommodate us…lets show them what great people Buffalonians are!

Labatt Blue Giveaway -since we’ve drank 4 KEGS of Labatt Blue the last 2 Sundays…Labatt Blue has sent us stuff to giveaway at this weekends game! t-shirts, bags, signs…etc. be there if you want it!

11:30 – again, McFadden’s will open at 11:30 this week only. service will begin at noon. seating is on a first come basis.

Bills/Jets tix – with feedback from the email I sent out this week, it looks like we have about 30 people going to the game WITH tix…and about 30 looking for tix. so go out and ask your jets-fan friends to sell their tix..and keep an eye on ebay….you may have to wait until that week to find available tix.

Subs – again…I apologize for referring to subs as heroes last week…but hey…at least I didn’t call them GRINDERS!! DOWN WITH NEW ENGLAND!!!!!!!

GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Matt Kabel

Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets game tailgate!

Hello all,

I was just contacted by the coordinator of the Bills’ mascot, Billy Buffalo (no…really…I’m dead serious!) and he asked us our plans for the Bills/Jets game November 24th. It got me thinking that we should probably start planning that day out. I plan on going to the game as does Matt. If you are planning on going to the game, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. If you want to go and are searching for tix…let me know that too so we know how many we need to find. I’d like to get a headcount and possibly put together a Tailgate Party for before AND after the game. Let me know and forward this email to anybody you think may be going to the game.

PS…I apologize for Friday’s email…..I meant to say chicken finger SUBS…not heroes!

— Matt Kabel

NYC Buffalo Bills Backers vs. Detroit Lions

Hello all,

Welcome to all the new people that we added to the list! Matt Soreco and I send these reminders out on Fridays with any announcements. Our Bills host the Detroit Lions this Sunday at 1:00. McFadden’s opens at noon. I noticed this past Sunday that the tables filled up right away, so I suggest getting there at noon if you want a table. By the way..there were 300 of us there last week with room to grow!!! and now….


In case you didn’t see…we were featured in an article I wrote with pictures on the official Buffalo Bills website!! Check it out!!

You asked for it…we got it! McFadden’s now carries Labatt Blue beer! The $25 special still stands if you want Sam, Bud, or Bud Light..but if you prefer to drink Blue its $30 for all you can drink from 12-6 with all the wings you can eat. If you have any suggestions about how to make McFadden’s more Buffalo-ish, please post on our website board I’d give anything for a “Beef On Weck” Day in December!! We’ll do our best…but some things we can’t fly in chicken finger heros from Buffalo!

We are still trying to acquire tix for the Bills/Jets games….ASK YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!

Pro Bowl voting is occurring on, so go vote for our Bills!!! No email address required and make sure you fill in the WHOLE form or it won’t go through. If you speak to anybody who is not getting these emails, please tell them to come over and sign that cool book I always have with me. GO BILLS and I’ll see you on Sunday!!!

– Matt K