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Ravens @ Bills, (!!!!)

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills Fan!

I’m sure everybody has a great story about watching that Dallas game on Thanksgiving. Mine was watching it surrounded by Jets fan in-laws while my wife played the Shout! song on her phone after touchdowns. It was awesome.

There were around 100 Bills fans at Public House for the Thanksgiving game, all the seats downstairs were filled at the bar and in the dining room. From the videos I saw, it was an awesome time! Thanks to all the staff who were willing to spend the day with those die-hard fans!

This weekend’s game is yuuuuuge. The Bills welcome the powerhouse Baltimore Ravens to Orchard Park this Sunday with huge playoff implications. I’ve heard many mentions of a potential division lead, but I’m more in the “can’t we just focus on actually getting into the playoffs first?” camp. Regardless of where you stand on that, we can all agree that winning this game would be the biggest win in over 20 years. Even a close loss would solidify the Bills as a legit playoff contender.

Josh Allen vs Lamar Jackson is can’t-miss football.
Come on down to Public House this Sunday for the yuuuge game. Kickoff is at 1pm, you know the drill by now.

If you haven’t heard, the Bills/Steelers game next week has been flexed to 8:20pm. It WILL be aired at Public House, we’ll have details shortly.

Also, the Patriots game the following week is now at 4:30, with a Sabres game right before. That will be #OneBuffalo Day at Public House!

UPCOMING SABRES GAMES (who appear to be turning things around)

  • Saturday, 4pm – Canucks
  • Sunday, 8pm – Oilers
  • Tuesday, 7:30pm – Blues
  • Thursday, 7pm – Predators


Matt “Talkin’ proud and fired up for Sunday” Kabel

Bills @ Cowboys, Public House OPEN!

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills Fans!

Happy Thanksgiving! Just a quick email reminding folks that Public House is OPEN for business today and will be airing all the games, including the Bills/Cowboys game at 4:30pm. The bar reached out last night and told me there were 100 RSVPs (!!!), so if you’re on the fence just know you’ll be in awesome company if you head there.

I’m liking the Bills chances today, the team has really been coming together the last two weeks and hopefully they’ll build on that. 

Let’s Go Buffalo! 


Matt “Talkin’ proud and thankful for our Buffalo sports community in NYC” Kabel

Broncos @ Bills, NOON OPENING at Public House Sunday

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills Fans!

Well, that was certainly a lot of fun. If you were lucky enough to be at Public House as the Bills were stomping the Dolphins then you already know that. Epic amounts of confetti, Shout! Song and screaming. I haven’t gotten my voice back yet. As hoped, looks like the reigns were loosened just enough on Josh Allen to see his best game as a Bill yet. True it was against lowly Miami, but it was good to see him taking some risks and the return of some of that fire that’s been missing the last few weeks.

On top of that, as a club we raised over $1,000 for the PUNT Foundation in Buffalo through raffles to support childhood cancer families in Western New York. It was an awesome day, and we want to thank everybody from the bottom of our hearts for contributing to such an awesome organization.

That said, the Bills return to Orchard Park this Sunday to take on the Denver Broncos in what I’d consider a must-win game. I have a feeling the atmosphere will be energetic up there, and expect as much at Public House. Also, there’s a Sabres game at 5pm so you can totally keep the victory party going there!

PLEASE NOTE: Public House has a private party scheduled (it’s annual party that was booked WAY in advance) Sunday morning, so will be unable to welcome Bills fans until noon. Take that as a good reason to sleep in a bit longer.

Couple other announcements:

If you haven’t heard, the Patriots game next month has been rescheduled for Saturday, December 21st at 4:30pm. The Buffalo Sabres also take on the LA Kings at 1pm that afternoon, so we’ve got over SIX STRAIGHT HOURS of Buffalo sports airing at Public House. One Buffalo baby! This can also be our annual Christmas/Holiday party, so if you have family visiting that weekend get your shopping and sightseeing done on Sunday and come party with us Saturday!

Just a reminder that Public House will be OPEN for the games on Thanksgiving Day next Thursday, including the Cowboys/Bills game. We’ve got a lot of people who have said they’re going, and even have had a lot of messages from Western NYers who are coming into NYC that week and want to go. To be honest, I’m a little jealous I can’t go…

– Sunday, 5PM (following the Bills game) – Panthers
– Monday, 5PM – Lighting
– Wednesday, 7PM – Flames
– Friday, 4PM – Maple Leafs

See you Sunday! LET’S GO BUFFALO!!!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and can’t wait to see JA17 pay back the Broncos for not drafting him” Kabel

Squish da Fish Part Deux, Thanksgiving Game Announcement!

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Buffalo Bills Fans!

Alright, I totally thought we were going to pull that game out in Cleveland last week. My thoughts:

  1. Singletary should have had twice his 8 carries, 100% inexcusable
  2. Why was Andre Roberts out there and being targeted?
  3. That 3rd down on the last drive was way too sloppy.
  4. Should have run a draw/slant on that final 4th down instead of attempting that long field goal, play to WIN.
  5. Defense did enough to win. Again.

Finally, I do still believe this team is heading in the right direction. As I’ve said all year, this season was going to be about creating a launching pad for next season when the real Super Bowl hunt begins. Personally, I’d really like to see them set Josh Allen free and stop the Tyrod-Taylor game plan.

That said, we take on the Miami Dolphins this Sunday at 1pm, and what looked like an easy win doesn’t look so easy. Still, the Dolphins aren’t a good team, so think it’s a tall order for them to win their third straight and so I see the Bills taking care of business.

Huge Announcement – Our beautifully amazing new home, Public House, has decided that they will be OPEN for the Bills/Cowboys game (and game prior) on Thanksgiving Day! There was no pressure from us to do so, they had some staff interested in working it and said why the hell not? So trade in that annoying family for some wings, beer and Bills Mafia! This is rare Thanksgiving game for us, so if you’re on the fence totally consider heading there for the game and supporting that staff willing to work and having a once-in-a-lifetime Bills experience with other fans.

Don’t forget that Public House is airing all Buffalo Sabres games this season with $4 Blues and Molsons. Here’s a list of upcoming games this week:

  • Saturday 7pm – Ottawa Senators
  • Sunday 7pm – Chicago Blackhawks
  • Tuesday 7pm – Minnesota Wild
  • Thursday 7pm – Boston Bruins

Be sure to sign up for our Sabres mailing list HERE.

See everyone at Public House, let’s go Buffalo!!!!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and can’t believe Public House is open on Thanksgiving!” Kabel

Battle of Lake Erie, TODAY 2PM –> Sabres Game at Public House!

Hello all 2,200 NYC Buffalo Bills Backers!

First off, the Sabres take on the Tampa Bay Lighting today at 2PM in Sweden! Public House will be airing the game along with $4 Blues and Molsons if you can escape the office early on this beautifully chilly Friday afternoon. We’re going to start a Buffalo Sabres mailing list about games, gatherings, tailgates. If interested, you can Sign Up Here.

Now, to the Battle of Lake Erie. The Bills head down the lake to take on the sinking Cleveland Browns this Sunday at 1pm. I’m especially fired up for this game. First off Cleveland fans are about as close to being “cousins” to us Bills fans as you get and there’s a mutual respect there. Second off, I am excited to see Josh Allen face off against fellow first-rounder Baker Mayfield.

There’s plenty of drama around the game as most “experts” expected the Browns to be Super Bowl contenders and the Bills to be bottom dwellers. Instead it’s the opposite where Buffalo stands at 6-2 and Cleveland at 2-6. Josh Allen is quietly putting together an efficient season, if that can continue the sky is the limit once they set him lose again. And how about Devin Singletary?! As I had hoped in my email last week they set him lose and he ran all over the Redskins. He can open up so much for this offense who badly needs a spark.

Should be an exciting matchup! Come on down to Public House and watch with your fellow NYC Buffalo Bills Backers for the 1PM kickoff!

We are still awaiting a decision on whether Public House will show the Bills/Cowboys game on Thanksgiving Day. We received about 50 RSVPs for it, the bar is determining if they can make it happen. We’ve informed them that we support their decision either way.

See you Sunday!

Let’s go Buffalo!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and hoping Allen destroys Mayfield” Kabel 

Redskins @ Bills, Sabres Games at Public House!

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills Fans!

Well, that Eagles game was certainly ugly. I read an article before the game where a couple of our defensive players were complaining about a lack of respect. I’m not a fan of that, just play your game and if you dominate week and week out, the respect will come. “Act like you’ve been there” as Marv Levy used to say. Those complaints rang hallow last Sunday as the Eagles rolled right over those guys, so am hoping each of them took a giant mouthful of humble pie.

I don’t think there’s cause for major concern, the Eagles were desperate for a win and are another good team. As I said in the beginning of the season this is still a late phase rebuilding year. This is a good team who is still a couple players and some experience away from being a great team. The defense is the only one this season to make Tom Brady look sub-bar, but still have to find a way to be consistent. Josh Allen didn’t cost the Bills this game, he’s still learning and growing in the position. I think they’re holding him back some as he works on the little things, but he’s still trending upward. I’d personally like to see them use Devin Singletery more and start leveraging the ground game.

That said, let’s look for the Bills to rebound against the Washington Redskins. I’m still bitter about that Super Bowl, so we need to take care of business. Kickoff is at 1pm, it’s Marathon Sunday so your best bet is to stick to underground transportation, which fortunately Public House is just a stone throw from Grand Central Terminal.


Our members have embraced Public House so much that the bar has ordered the NHL Center Ice package and will air ALL remaining Buffalo Sabres games this year! Along with each game will come $4 pints of Blue and Molson! I remember the old days at Blue Moon when fans would meet up, even just knowing there’s a bar to catch the game is a big win for #OneBuffalo. We’re discussing doing some weekly or monthly meetups too.

Please help us spread the word to our fellow Sabres fans!

See you Sunday!

Matt “Talkin Proud and am loving Public House!” Kabel

Eagles at Bills

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills Fans!

As I said last week, I was hoping for a blowout of the Miami Dolphins and anything less would be concerning. During the game at Public House I was asked often if we should be worried yet, to which I always replied, “Nope, I think they’re going to pull this off.”  In the end they did, but chalk it up to the old saying:

Bad teams find ways to lose.

Good teams find ways to win.

I do think the Bills are a good team, and everyone knows the Dolphins are a bad team so the outcome wasn’t a surprise. Over the last two decades the Bills were the bad team that always found new ways to lose. Being good this season they are finding ways to win. What prevents them from being a great team is that inability to play a complete game for all four quarters of football. You know, to go up early on an inferior team and step on their throat. Until we start seeing that, every Sunday is going to give us Bills fans heart palpitations.

That continues this Sunday as we take on the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are underperforming and desperate for a win, which makes this a dangerous game for Buffalo. If the Bills can pull it out, we’ll be 6-1 for the first time since 1993.

That’s the Super Bowl years folks.

Come on down to Public House and catch the game with us at 1pm. I had some folks sit with me last week that hadn’t been to a game with NYCBBB in years, and all were so impressed with the bar, atmosphere and service in our new home. The “I’ll come check it out” turned into “you’re going to see me more this season” by game’s end.

If you haven’t been to Public House, come check it out for yourself, doors open at 10am!

As a side note, the Sabres were in town last night and got trounced by the Rangers. I totally dropped the ball on that one and should have planned a tailgate party. My bad, next year! I promise!

Go Bills!

Go Sabres!


Matt “Talkin’ Proud and am really hoping for 6-1” Kabel

Squish The Fish, Important Thanksgiving Survey

Hello all 2,200 NYC Bills Fans!

After having emergency elbow surgery two weeks ago I’m typing this thing one-handed, so bear with me. The Bills are coming off a much-needed Bye Week and will host their first of three straight home games this weekend in my old hometown of Orchard Park. First up are the tanking Miami Dolphins, who will be quarterbacked by our old friend – Harvard grad, wedding-ring wearing, A+++ beard gaming Ryan Fitzpatrick. That guy is a ‘g damn’ legend people, and impossible to dislike. Still, the Bills should Squish the Fish violently, anything less would be a disappointment.

Kickoff is at 1pm, and you know the best place to catch the game is with your New York City Buffalo Bills Backers at our new home – Public House.

The Madden Curse took down Mahomes last night and the Pats are definitely beatable, the AFC is wide open!

Public House Survey (takes 30 seconds)

BTW – if you haven’t already done so, PLEASE fill out this quick survey. We’re trying to figure out if Public House should be open on Thanksgiving for the Dallas game. Also, our Buffalo Sabres are currently ranked #1 in the NHL! If you haven’t caught them this season, new coach Ralph “Freddy” Krueger has breathed new life into this budding team and are really fun to watch. We’re looking into showing the games at Public House but only if there’s interest.

Here’s the survey:

I’ll see you there on Sunday!

Let’s go Buffalo!!!

Matt ‘Talkin’ proud and thankfully has one good arm to drink booze with” Kabel

Bengals @ Bills

Hello all 2,240 NYC Bills Backers!

After back-to-back road game victories here against the NJ Jets/Giants, the undefeated Bills head back to Orchard Park to take on the 0-2 Bengals. It’s a game Buffalo should win hands down, so let’s pray the team isn’t looking past this week towards New England. New Era is going to be rocking, hopefully the players don’t get overly excited and come out flat (which I’ve seen before).

Good lord, the emotional damage done by previous teams is really coming out through me right now, eh?

Kickoff is at 1pm, doors at Public House open at 10am, specials kick in at noon. We had another big crowd on hand last week to watch us trounce the Giants and end Eli Manning’s career here. We’re expecting an even bigger crowd this week, which the bar is prepared for and there’s plenty of space.

We also just want to confirm that it is currently NOT mandatory to purchase one of the offered specials and there is no cover charge to enter the bar. Although the special is certainly worth the money if you’re going to have a few drinks. If you get a special that includes wings, they come out come out fresh in single order baskets for each fan as opposed to a buffet, which so far has received praise from everyone attending.

Side note: Public House has gluten-free bread and two gluten free beers available.   

Finally, please be sure to tip the bartenders, wait staff and attendants. I watched the last game from up on the balcony and the staff appeared highly efficient, even up there.

As always, please be sure to send any feedback our way and let us know how things are going – good or bad. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

September in Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, as always NYCBBB is teaming up with the PUNT Foundation in Western NY to raise money for families battling childhood cancer. We’re raising money on our Facebook page, and the organization will be at Public House for a game this season where we’ll hold our annual fundraiser for them.

I’ll see ya’ll on Sunday, let’s go into next week undefeated!

Matt “talkin’ proud and fired up for Sunday” Kabel

Bills/Giants: Pre-Party (w/ Ticket Giveaway!), Tailgate and Public House (WOW!)

Hello all 2,200 NYC Bills Fans!

As I mentioned in my previous email, I turned down tickets to the Bills/Jets game last week as I wanted to be at Public House for our first game there. I expected to watch it with only a handful of Bills fans knowing most would be going to the actual game.

I was wrong. VERY WRONG.

I watched Buffalo upset the NJ Jets with TWO HUNDRED Bills fans that were going absolutely insane in the 4th quarter. Check out the video I took on your preferred social media page:

Facebook –

Instagram –

Twitter –

Speaking of, be sure to follow us on our social media pages, we’ve begun to amp up our content on them in an effort to have better communication with our members knowing not everyone gets these emails.

Back to Public House – I have to say the bar was already in mid-season form, and even with such an unexpected large crowd they had zero issues handing our needs. Service was quick, the wings were great and the staff were really into it. There was also plenty of space for more of us fans! I heard nothing but positive feedback from everybody there, it sounds like many were ready for the fresh start.

The big piece of feedback I received from most fans was that the previous bar in recent years felt too “frat-like”, whereas the atmosphere at Public House on Sunday was a throwback to the old days when watching the games was more family-like. That said, there’s a couple things we’re putting in place to maintain that at Public House:

1) There is a decent-sized private room available near the bar/bathrooms. We’re going to designate this as the Family Room with preferential seating for those with young children. It’s also quieter in there and much more sensory-friendly, and a quick walk to the bathroom. A dad who was there with his young sons last week said it was perfect for parents like him.
2) Us Bills fans are all misfits, it’s a common bond we all share. We’re all like family. Everybody should respect each other, the staff and the venue as such. I’ve asked Public House management to have a zero-tolerance policy for any behavior that violates that. Anybody who does violate that will be asked to leave and not return. Simply put – have fun, but don’t be an asshole.

That said, if anybody has any other feedback or recommendations, please let us know.

This Saturday night Public House will again be hosting a pre-party, last week’s having a great turnout. To up the game, they’ve secured 2 great seats for the Giants game on Sunday and will be raffling off at the party. If you want a shot at winning them, head over to Public House on Saturday from 6-9pm. Details for the party, tailgate and viewing at Public House (including specials) can be found here:

Soreco, Phil and I are excited to announce two new members to the NYCBBB leadership team. Alex Valentine and Kristin Ruesch have been watching games with NYCBBB since the early years, and are mainstays both at the bar and at road-games throughout the season. They’re going to jump in and amplify our communication through social media and help be our eyes/ears both online and at the bar to ensure everything is humming along perfectly.

The NYC media complained this week that there were too many Bills fans at the Jets game and their noise level had an effect on the game.
Let’s do it again #BillsMafia, show them who the REAL NEW YORK TEAM IS.

Don’t forget, Buffalo has more wins at the Meadowlands this season than the Giants do.

See you this weekend, GO BILLS!!

Matt ‘talkin’ proud and going old-school NYCBBB’ Kabel