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Seattle @ Buffalo, RSVP Change

Hello all you 2,200+ NYC Bills Fans!

6-2, and we’ve finally closed the chapter on the Patriots dynasty. I would have preferred a statement game where we crushed them, but a win is a win and in the NFL those are hard to come by. The team shouldn’t get too confident though, the defense is still a major area of concern and the Miami Dolphins are right on our tails in the AFC East standings.

The Bills host the Seattle Seahawks this weekend, which will be yet another big barometer to see how real this 6-2 record is. Unlike the wet and windy debacle last weekend, this Sunday is expected to be sunny and downright gorgeous. Josh is due a good game, and is going to need it to beat a tough Seahawks team.

The weather here in NYC is going to be just as stellar, 70 and sunny! It’s a perfect weekend to head in to Public House and catch the game with your fellow Bills fans. There are tables available so be sure to pounce!

We are making one slight change to the RSVP process going forward. Starting next week, Public House will begin accepting RSVPs on TUESDAYS instead of Monday, mostly to give the skeleton staff a bit of a breather after the weekend. Everything else remains the same.

Let’s go Buffalo!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and home we can stop the run for once” Kabel

Bills/Jets, Limited Seats, Buffalo Closet, Kenny and Joanie in Town!

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills Fans!

Ugh, another rough game. Not an awful game for Allen, but not one of his best. Unlike past Bills quarterbacks, those games stick in his head and he uses them to get better, so am hoping for a rebound game this Sunday as the 4-2 Bills take on the NJ Jets. The Jets are currently 0-6 and appear to have mailed it in this season. That said, it also makes them a dangerous team, and the Bills defense has me extremely concerned. Other than a bye week, this is the sort of game the Bills needed after playing two elite teams.

Kickoff is at 1pm, and Public House has a good size crowd for this game (we all love our 1pm starts) with only a handful of tables left so jump now if you want a seat. As added fun, Bills Super Fans Kenny Johnson (Pinto Ron) and Joanie will be in attendance!

We also got word that the company Buffalo Closet is going to be there featuring some vintage Bills gear for sale. You can check out their site at

Current Standings
New York: 4-2
New Jersey: 1-11


Matt “Talkin Proud’ and want a sweep of the Jets” Kabel

Chiefs @ Bills TONIGHT, Minimums Waived at PH

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills Fans!

I’m still not over that loss to Tennessee last week, I thought Josh Allen played well enough to win but there were too many easy drops (I counted 7, including 3 by Diggs alone) that stalled the offense multiple times. However, the defense was where the real problem was, like water through a strainer the entire night. I know we were down Milano and White, but that can’t happen, and still don’t understand how the almost-elite defense of last year has been playing so poor this year. Hopefully it’s an aberration stemming from a crazy week of COVID rescheduling and uncertainty.

That said, the Bills will be looking to rebound as they host the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs, along with Patrick Mahomes at 5pm today. I honestly think the Bills were already looking ahead to this game when they played last week. It’s going to be one hell of a matchup, and hopefully a fun shootout between Allen/Mahomes. I wonder if they’re going to take turns trying to throw a football out of the stadium?

There are still some seats available at Public House if you want to join other Bills fans to catch the game. The bar is again waving the minimum fee, just email them at to lock it in. They are also accepting RSVPs for Sundays game against the pathetic NJ Jets.

Hope everyone is doing double work right now so you can sign off a little early today!


Matt “Talkin’ proud and can’t believe I had to block off time on my work calendar for a game” Kabel

Bills @ Titans, PH Minimums Waived for Game!

Hello all you 2,200 NYC Bills Fans!

Just for the record, the current standings by state in the NFL are:

New York: 4-0

New Jersey: 0-10

That said I’m gonna keep this email short. I’ve been holding off sending anything as the schedule has been continuing to change due to positive tests in Tennessee and around the NFL, as have COVID restrictions in areas of NYC. It appears the Bills will finally take on the Titans tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 7pm. This is a YUGE matchup as both teams are undefeated. The Chiefs went down to the Raiders yesterday (whom we beat, cough) so the AFC is wiiiiide open for the taking!

Public House is honoring all RSVPs from yesterday’s original game time. As an added bonus, with this game falling on a Tuesday night, all minimums have been waived! There are still tables available, so head to the only bar in the city where you can watch the game safely with 100 other Bills Mafia!

Please RSVP by sending an email to First come, first served.

We’ll be in touch about the Chiefs game, which has been moved to next Monday at 5pm. Hope you’re all blocking off your work calendars for that afternoon like I am.

Until then, LET’S GO BUFFALO!!!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and hoping our guys stay healthy playing these jerks” Kabel

Rams @ Bills, Tables Available!, McFadden’s Closed

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans!

Josh Allen clearly blew up the Jets and Dolphins defenses which is earning him some due praise across the league, including being named AFC Offensive Player of the Week honors. However the naysayers are out in force and want to see how he does against a good team. He’ll get his chance this Sunday as the Bills take on the Rams in OP. 

The Rams are a solid team, and it appears Milano/Edmunds are going to play. This is gonna be one hell of a matchup. 

The weather forecast for Sunday looked rainy earlier in the week, but is now going to be SUNNY AND WARM here in NYC! As a result, there are still some tables available on a first come, first serve basis. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback for the job Public House has done from attendees the first two games. As somebody remarked, this place feels like home. 

That said, we learned that our old stomping grounds, McFadden’s, has closed their doors. It’s the end of an era and a bummer as that bar was “home” for many of us for 16 years. The Buffalo News wrote about it yesterday:

If you’re a holdover who hasn’t made it out to Public House yet, please come join us in our new home! Limited indoor dining will resume next week, so will have added seats. 

Let’s Go Buffalo!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and so happy we’ve settled into our new home” Kabel

Fish Squished! URGENT Revised RSVP Process For Public House

Hello all 2,200 NYC Bills Fans!

What a game! I had hoped it would be a Josh/Fitz shootout and it sure was. I had read this morning that the on-field temperature would be 103 degrees, and think the defense just got winded in the second half. Injuries obviously hurt too. On the other hand, the offense looked rested after a poor 3rd quarter which is why they were able to capitalize in the 4th. Buffalo was the better team and proved it by scoring when they had to. Josh Allen with 417 yards and 4 touchdowns…damn!

I couldn’t join NYCBBB in the city this week, but went last week. I have only recently ventured out to attempt outdoor dining and I’ll be honest, I felt extremely safe watching the game at Public House. The tables are spread far apart, and they have a strict rule of wearing a mask every time you stand, whether to use the bathroom or cheer for a great play. One thing we implemented was “The Red Zone Mask”, where everybody would put their masks on when the Bills entered the red zone so you could jump up and cheer when warranted. Again, us Bills fans adapt and improvise!

Oh, and sorry for the lack of a weekly email. We were going back and forth with Public House this weekend on some updates to the RSVP process. We’ve agreed to the recommendations below which will be implemented starting TOMORROW. Please remember that the bar is trying to fill every seat to be profitable during this tough time to make this financially work. There is a huge rush for tables on Mondays with a long waiting list, but fans reducing seats or cancelling tables last minute at the end of the week is proving to be a challenge for the bar to remedy.

Again, any other year this wouldn’t be an issue, the bar could just slot people in wherever as they arrive. But with COVID it is a logistical nightmare due to restrictions. We ask that if you’re going to make reservations, it’s because you and your guests 100% intend to attend. Coordinate with your friends in advance and lock those plans in. We’re Bills fans, we can do this!

Also, please remember to respect all of the rules and keep it a safe environment for all your fellow fans.

That said, here are the updated RSVP rules:

1) Booking Headcount
There have been cases where people are booking larger tables on Monday, and then reducing headcount late in the week. As a result, Public House is scrambling to reorganize the seating chart and fill seats at the last minute.

Starting tomorrow, the number of guests a reservation signs for is the number of guests you are responsible for no matter what. It’s always better to book for less and add more as we get closer to the date / confirmation process if availability allows.

2) Cancellation
The original cancellation policy was 48 hours prior to kickoff, however there have been cases where tables are being canceled right at that moment and again, the bar is scrambling to fill those seats and they’re realizing it’s not enough time for them to accomplish it. A large table that was cancelled at the deadline in week one, and Public House was unable to fill it.

Starting tomorrow, the cancellation fee policies will be:
4+ Business Days : 0% cancellation fee
3+ (72+ Hours) Business Days: 25% cancellation fee of minimum
2 (48 hours) Business Days: 50% cancellation fee of minimum
1 business day of less (24 hours) 100% cancellation fee of minimum

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Also, a reminder that the minimums you agree to when securing the reservation are mandatory, even if you leave the game early.

Sorry for the process-heavy email, we’re all navigating this new world together and trying to make things work for both parties so when this is all over, we can resume the massive crowds of Bills Mafia on 41st Street.

Happy to be back in OP this week, let’s go Buffalo!!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and can’t believe Josh Allen’s stats are in line with the elite QBs of the last decade” Kabel

NJ Jets @ Bills, Follow The Rules

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans!

It is finally here, the 2020 season kicks off for the Bills this Sunday at 1pm as they host the NJ Jets in Orchard Park at…the stadium. Does anybody really care what it’s called anymore? Rich Stadium and The Ralph will always be acceptable to me.

Four years ago when the Bills hired McDermott (and then Beane), I said it would take three years for them to turn this team around, results would start to pay off in Year 4 and we’d be legit Super Bowl contenders in Year 5. So here we are, Year 4, and anything less than a playoff win would be a disappointment. You know the defense is going to be solid as always, they have a legit shot at being a top 5. The offense certainly improved on paper with the additions of Diggs and Moss, but as I said last season, everything will come down to Josh Allen. He showed flashes of brilliance last season, he needs to make those flashes more common this year and minimize stupid mistakes. He’s going in with the same Coordinator and playbook and most of his weapons intact, along with some shiny new ones. He HAS to elevate his game and show everyone he was worth the high draft pick three years ago.

This season is clearly going to have its challenges, especially in Buffalo where the players literally feed off of the crowd. How will they not only handle a silent stadium, but opposing fans in other stadiums like Miami? Will having no pre-season games help or hurt? Can the NFL keep COVID off the sidelines? It’s going to be a fluid season I’m sure.

That said, all the outdoor seating for the game at Public House were filled almost immediately this week. The bar has been working hard getting things set up, if you haven’t seen the video we posted on social media, they have a huge projector setup outside and are adding multiple TVs. Like anything, I’m sure there will be a learning curve so I ask for everybody’s patience and understanding.

Most of all like my daughter used to say, you “Gotta follow the rules.” PLEASE DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO JEOPARDIZE THE EXPERIENCE FOR US THIS SEASON. It only takes one photo of people not wearing masks or social distancing to ruin everybody’s good time. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re visited by the SLA this Sunday, and there are undercover folks out there looking to take bars down. Don’t forget that we’re a bunch of Bills fans in Jets/Giants territory, we have a target on our backs. Be on your best behavior.

Please, follow all the rules set forth by the Public House staff. Wear a mask when not seated at your table. Respect social distancing and your fellow fans. Be on time. Show respect for everyone.

Also, there is a chance of rain this Sunday. We’re Bills fans, this is where I tell you to “D Up”, bring a pancho or something to wear just in case. You will not be permitted inside to avoid the rain. Just like a game at The Ralph you suck it up, and you drink your beer. Also, please arrive at your requested timeslot so the bar can most easily accommodate you.

Any questions or concerns let us know. Otherwise, I’m fired up to see a bunch of you on Sunday at noon. With indoor dining coming to NYC on September 30th, the bar will be offering additional seating inside seating starting in October for those interested. Details to come, and don’t forget RSVPs open up for next week on Monday at 11am.

Let’s go Buffalo!!!!!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and fired up for some Bills football at Public House this Sunday” Kabel

Bills Games at Public House, Reservation Process!

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans!

I hope this email finds everyone safe and healthy. There’s a lot I want to say, but I have some important news to share and want to make sure I don’t overburden this email. Let’s just say I am so fired up for this season and to have a bit of normalcy return in these crazy times we’re in. I’ll write more next week, so onto the big stuff…

If you’re not aware, Public House temporarily shut their doors back in March with many other Manhattan restaurants and has remained closed until now. I even walked by it this week and was sad to see it boarded up. All offseason I’ve kept an open dialogue with the team there, and am excited to share that the restaurant WILL reopen next week and show Buffalo Bills games this season! Below are the details on how we will make that happen, however I feel very strongly that context needs to be added and I ask you to read the next few paragraphs and take them to heart.

Public House is only reopening for Buffalo Bills and Notre Dame football games. They are also going to try opening 1-2 other days in hopes they can attract some business. Anybody who has been there knows they are located in a heavily commercial district, which unfortunately is pretty desolate nowadays. They are taking on all of the risk, and are putting a not-so-insignificant financial investment behind it to make this happen. Why? Because they love us Bills fans and like us, they want to have some normalcy back and get some people back to work. For any of you who attended a game there last year, you know as well as I do that the bar is the perfect long-term location for our group. They are as excited as we are for this.

That said, they’ve currently secured city approval for 80-100 outdoor seating slots. They’re erecting a huge patio that will allow for social distance seating, including outdoor TVs. They are hiring security to ensure all social distancing guidelines are met, and to handle any other crowd control outside. They are adamant about following all NYS laws, guidelines and safety regulations, which we 100% approve of.

Public House cannot legally offer all-you-can-drink specials in the current climate. Therefore, the bar will be offering beer/cocktail specials and will have a football food menu. Due to the investment they are putting in, every seat will require a minimum $65 spend (+ tax/tip) per person. I know that will rankle some out there used to our previous specials, and trust me when I say I get it knowing these are tough times for many. However, I also know the bar is assuming all the risk in this, is putting people back to work and we are helping out a small business, in turn giving us fans a chance to watch what should be a damn good football team this season together on our local turf. I’m yielding to them on this one, they’ve had a tough year and I want to see this work out for everyone involved.

As for how reservations will be handled:

  • There is a minimum $65/person spending requirement per person (plus tip)
  • There is a minimum of 4 people per table, and a max of 10 (per NYS law)
  • Registrations will open up the Monday PRIOR to each game starting at 11:00AM (EST)
  • All reservations inquiries must be made through email via, after which you will receive an automated confirmation email that it’s been received
  • Reservations will be taken on first come, first served basis. A member of the Public House staff will reach out if you’re one of the first on the list.
    • You will be sent a credit card authorization form that you must complete and return along with all guest details (please complete and send in ASAP) in order to secure your table
    • After sending in the form you will receive an email confirming your reservation with further instructions for gameday
    • There is a $10/head (plus tax) cancelation fee if done within 48 hours of the game
      • This will ensure the bar has 2 days mimimum to fill your spot
  • ALL guests must be 21+ over
  • ALL social distancing guidelines will be enforced by security and PH staff
    • Facemasks must be worn when entering/leaving the patio
    • Fans must remain seated during the duration of the game
    • Facemasks must be worn when entering/leaving and while in the restaurant while using restrooms

As with everything nowadays, things can change in a minute’s notice. We will do our best to keep you updated, and we have no idea what city/state regulations will be implemented or changed in the coming weeks. There’s always the chance of games being cancelled or rescheduled. I ask that everyone be patient and work with us this season to make this as enjoyable as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.

For those planning to RSVP on Monday, may the odds be ever in your favor!

Be safe, and GO BILLS!!!

Matt “talkin’ proud and can’t believe I’m gonna be back at Public House next week” Kabel

Bills Want OUR Members to be on Live NFL Draft Broadcast!

Hello all 2,200 NYC Bills Fans,

We hope this email finds all of you healthy and safe, wherever you are. First off, just remember that we’re all in this together, so if there’s anything you need, please let us know.

Second off, can I just say how much I love the Stefon Diggs trade? I mean, we needed a solid #1 receiver and we got one of the best ones that is going into his prime and has 4 years left on his deal. I usually HATE trading our top picks for drafts, but I agree with Beane that this is the one year that investing in a known commodity over a draft pick makes total sense.

Speaking of the NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills have reached out to us with an exclusive and pretty damn amazing opportunity. As you’ve probably heard, the entire Draft will be done digitally via webcams. The NFL is going to feature live feeds of fans watching the draft from around the country during the national broadcast that will be watched by millions of Americans.

Knowing how hard our city has been hit by COVID19, the Buffalo Bills are inviting our members to be their live representatives to the nation! They are looking or 15 members for Friday night, and 5 for Saturday night. Below are all of the details/requirements. PLEASE READ ALL DETAILS. If you want a spot and can abide by everything listed, please send me an email ASAP at with the requested details/photo and I will add you to the list. Just let me know which day you can partake.

ALL RESPONSES MUST BE IN TO ME BY 10AM FRIDAY, APRIL 17th. You will receive more details if chosen.

DAY 1 (Thursday, April 23)

  • Note: Though we currently don’t have a pick on Day 1, there is always a chance we may trade up. Additionally, the league has said that they will try to get teams without a pick on Day 1 on to the broadcast at some point. The league cannot promise, however, that every person and every club will make it on the broadcast, but they will do their best to make it happen.
  • 15 Bills Backers willing to watch the entire broadcast (starting 60 minutes prior), in front of their computer tablet or phone from 7 – 11:30 p.m. ET
    • First name, last name, email address, phone number and headshot for each by noon on Friday, April 17th.
  • These fans must also be available for a dress rehearsal with the league on Tuesday, April 21st. Timing is still being finalized on this, but I will share it as soon as possible.
  • The fans must wear team gear the entire time.
  • The fans must have a valid email address and internet access.
  • The fans must follow CDC social distancing rules.

DAY 2 (Friday, April 24):

  • 5 Bills Backers willing to watch the entire broadcast (starting 60 minutes prior), in front of their computer, tablet or phone from 6 – 11:30 p.m. ET
    • First name, last name, email address, phone number and headshot for each by noon on Friday, April 17th.
  • These fans must be available for a dress rehearsal with the league on Wednesday, April 22nd. Timing is still being finalized on this, but I will share it as soon as possible.
  • The fans must wear team gear the entire time.
  • The fans must have a valid email address and internet access.
  • The fans must follow CDC social distancing rules.

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and In This With All of You” Kabel

End of Season, Fired Up, Public House Remaining Games/Beer Pong Tourney

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans!

I’m just gonna come out and say it. I AM FIRED UP FOR NEXT SEASON. I’m not going to spend any time focusing on the Texans game, other than to thank the 400+ of you who showed up to watch it with us at Public House. There were clearly some bumps getting folks in which we’ll work through for next year, but other than that it was an awesome time outside of the loss.

Overall I’m ecstatic with the move to Public House. The venue is awesome, the staff were awesome, the management are awesome, the wings are awesome and it’s closer to Grand Central. I can’t thank them enough for taking us in this year. 

That said, 2020 is gonna be lit. As I posted all season, this was a good Bills team who I didn’t even have expectations of making the playoffs, saying it would be a building year towards being legit contenders next season. Securing a spot in the playoffs with two games to go exceeded my expectations. #mindblown

Anybody who bumped into me after the game could see me smiling ear-to-ear (I think some of you wanted to punch me). Listen, Josh Allen came a LONG way. Still has a way to go but the dude is 23 and you know damn well is gonna come prepared to kick ass in Training Camp. Almost the entire roster will be back. We’re $90 million under the cap and Beane has nailed the majority of his draft picks. The Patriots are no longer invincible, the Jets organization is a bit of a mess, and the Dolphins are going full-rebuild.

I mean, did you see Dion Dawkins article today:

This team is close. They’re hungry, and they want revenge in 2020. The time is now, and the Bills are set to make a true deep-playoff run in the fall. So let’s enjoy this offseason knowing fall is gonna be off the hook.

Public House had a couple announcements they wanted us to share:

We will be offering the $40 and $55 specials for all the games leading up to the Super Bowl. We will also be offering a $60 premium open bar and unlimited wings for the Super Bowl. If Bills fans come in with their Bills gear, we’ll give them a free shot on us!

Also, 3pm on Saturday the 18th, we will hosting a beer pong tournament.

  • First place will get 2 tickets to the Sabres/Rangers game! It’ll be in the Bud Light suite which comes with unlimited beer and food.
  • Second place, 1 hour open bar for the team and 10 of their friends to be booked on a later date.
  • Third place, unlimited wine dinner for 2 on Wednesdays. 

We’ll be in touch soon about Sabres game and offseason events. Until then, let’s go Buffalo!!!

Matt “Talkin proud and fired up for the fall!” Kabel