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BPO in Town Tonight!

Hello all 2,106 NYC Bills fans!

Looks like we have our Franchise QB in EJ Manuel, but like with every draft, its not worth getting excited until we see how they perform on the field. Somebody in the Tribeca area must be excited, a fellow fan is having a little fun with some construction wall sites I’ve noticed commuting to/from work. Check them out, one is right across from the Ghostbuster’s Firehouse:

No, its not me, but I love whoever it is! And if you need another reason to get excited, the Buffalo Philharmonic is in town TONIGHT playing at Carnegie Hall! How awesome is that? They are hands down one of the best philharmonics in the nation, and something all current and former Buffalonians should take pride in. Go support them as tickets are still available, here are the details:

Be there on Wednesday, May 8 2013 at 7:30pm and show your WNY pride. Don’t miss a chance to experience this great event, get your tickets today at:

More from the BPO:
“With New York City as an inspiring backdrop, we have a unique opportunity to shine the spotlight on Western New York and our treasured orchestra with an invitation to perform at Carnegie Hall as part of the Spring for Music festival on May 8, 2013.

The Spring For Music festival showcases innovation and creativity in classical music programming, and is designed to make classical music more accessible to modern audiences. The BPO is one of one five orchestras selected from a national field to present a program during the week-long festival.”

Learn more:

Facebook Invitation:

Use this link to spread the word:


Matt “Talkin’ Proud and Love the BPO” Kabel

Draft Party This Week! QB?

Hello all 2,112 NYC Bills fans!

We’re just over 48 hours away from finding out what the Bills will do with the #8 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft. I’m writing to ya’ll from Austin, Texas, where on my Jetblue flight down here I watched the “experts” say Buffalo WILL take a QB, and whoever they take WILL be a massive reach as apparently this QB class is terrible…maybe the worst ever. My opinion – if the Bills have a QB they LOVE, that they KNOW can take us to the Super Bowl, and he’s there at #8…TAKE HIM. Nobody will care if it was a reach if he pans out. On the other hand, if there isn’t a QB in this class that they feel can take us to the Super Bowl…then DON’T TAKE A QB. Build elsewhere, do a year with Kolb, let fans scream at you and get your man next year. If the Bills do either of those, I’m happy.

Below are the details for the party. I’ll be there hanging with the dudes who run and who will be live tweeting/blogging from McFadden’s.

April 25 – Thursday: McFadden’s will have the first round of the Draft televised with sound starting at 7pm, first pick at 8pm. From 7-11pm, the bar will offer $3 import drafts (including Blue), half priced drink specials, and free wings!

April 26 – Friday: Same special with wings from 6-11pm for rounds 2-3 and will have the sound on shortly before/after the Bills pick (keep in mind its Friday night)

April 27 – Saturday: All-you-can-drink/wing specials we use during the season from 11-4pm. The pricing can be found here:

As a reminder, its also our 12 year anniversary here at NYCBBB, so be sure to toast the disgusting fact that we have yet to watch a playoff game on 42nd and 2nd. But also toast the visions of the debacle it will be when we do.


Matt “Talkin’ proud and really hope there’s a QB they love” Kabel

Draft Party, 12 Years!

Hello all 2,121 NYC Buffalo Bills Fans!

Its that time of year again, where the Bills draft a bunch of guys and for a couple weeks we feel like we’re a contender again! Until the season starts. Perhaps the Bills ARE ready to turn it around this year under new Coach Doug Marrone, although a having salesman running the team will always worry me. With the cutting of Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Bills are poised to take a QB early in the draft for the first time since JP Losman. And Trent Edwards. And trading for Drew Bledsoe. If anything, it should make for an exciting draft party!

As always, come on down to McFadden’s to watch the Bills make their selections with hundreds of your fellow Bills fans. This event is actually open to none Bills fans, so its a good excuse to bring along those buddies you never see on Sunday afternoons during the season. Here are the details:

April 25 – Thursday: McFadden’s will have the first round of the Draft televised with sound starting at 7pm, first pick at 8pm. From 7-11pm, the bar will offer $3 import drafts (including Blue), half priced drink specials, and free wings!

April 26 – Friday: Same special with wings from 6-11pm for rounds 2-3 and will have the sound on shortly before/after the Bills pick (keep in mind its Friday night)

April 27 – Saturday: All-you-can-drink/wing specials we use during the season from 11-4pm. The pricing can be found here:

We’ll also be celebrating 12 years of NYCBBB, which is also just a painful reminder of the # of years we’ve gone without being able to watch a playoff game at McFadden’s or Calico’s. Its getting harder and harder to maintain my 6-year-old as a Bills fan.

My god, I’m Negative Nelly aren’t I. Look what you’ve done to me Buffalo Bills!! Why has thou forsaken me?!!!

Anyways, enjoy your Easter Holidays, we’ll reach out again prior to the draft.


Matt “Talkin’ proud and am becoming a bitter old man” Kabel

Seattle @ Buffalo (Kinda), Buffalo Comedy Night

Hello all 2,113 NYC Bills Fans!

Well, the road to 8-8 for this team begins tomorrow. In Toronto. God help me.

The Bills take on the Seahawks in Toronto tomorrow afternoon. Kickoff is at 4:05pm, specials begin at 3pm and run through the end of the game. I’m actually kind of curious how the defense handles Marshawn Lynch to see if they’re actually as improved as they appear to be. You know, cuz our offense is pathetic, beginning with the play-calling. Guess we’ll see, as long as Lynch isn’t driving on the field, we know how that and Canadians mix…

Christmastime in NYC is awesome, so with the 4pm game its a great opportunity to go check out the tree in Rockefeller, do some shopping, then head over some some Blues and wings at McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s. If you need an excuse to drink.

Buffalo Comedy
Member Joe Pera asked if I could share details for a Buffalo Comedy Night going on this Tuesday. All these guys either moved from Buffalo to NYC to pursue comedy or are fellow fans of the worst team of the last decade. Here are the details, go check it out and support our brethren

‘Buffalo Comedy’
Hosted by Joe Pera, Dan Licata, and Charles Gould
Featuring Stand-Up by Matt Wayne, Mike Kaiser, Kevin Michael Smith,
Andrew Short, and Doug Short

At The Creek and The Cave Theater
Tuesday December 18th, 8pm
10-95 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City
(Only 1 stop on the 7-Train away from McFaddens)

Go Toronto!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and Miss Buffalo Christmas'” Kabel

Rams at Bills

Hello all 2,111 NYC Bills fans!

Sorry for the late email, been so focused on Holiday cheer I forgot to send the weekly email. Maybe I spoke too soon, with a win last week the Bills are actually still in the hunt for a playoff spot with a winable game this week against the Rams. Who knows, if they actually follow the plan they did last week playing solid defense and running the damn ball, anything is possible!

Kickoff is at 1pm, specials start at noon. You know the places and drill.

Let’s go Buffalo, let’s do this.

Matt “talkin proud and there’s still hope” Kabel

Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills

Hello all 2,114 NYC Bills Fans

Well…another year without the playoffs. I was thinking this morning that I’ve gotten married, had 3 kids, and worked 5 different jobs in the time since our last playoff appearance. I’ve almost become numb to this. We can always turn to the Sabres. Oh, wait…

The Bills host the Jaguars this Sunday in Buffalo. The game is not sold out so is blacked out in the Queen City. Kickoff is at 1pm, specials start at noon and run through the game. Come shed tears with your fellow Bills fans, you don’t have to go through this alone.

Was watching made-for-TV Christmas movies last weekend, two movies both referenced Buffalo. I guess Buffalo is kinda like Anywhere USA?

Go Bills!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and praying for a new QB” Kabel

Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts

Hello all 2,114 NYC Bills Fans!

Hope everybody enjoyed their Turkey Days! The Bills are coming off a big win against the Dolphins last week and head to Indy to take on Andrew Luck and the 6-4 Colts. With the Bills on an upswing and taking on a rookie quarterback, we’re ripe for an upset! Head on down to McFadden’s and Calico’s to watch with your fellow Bills fans, specials start at noon for the 1pm game and run through the end of the game.

Hopefully we can do to them what the Pats did to the Jets on Thanksgiving…I watched with a room filled with Jets fans and made my holiday a bitter sweet one.


Matt ‘Talkin Proud and fired up to see if the defense can continue to improve!” Kabel

Squish The Fish – Thursday Night

Hello all 2,109 NYC Bills Fans!

Well, another loss against the Pats. Was good to see us in that game on the road though, especially having momentum that late. However, you can’t keep allowing 30+ points and expect to win ballgames. And for god’s sake, keep feeding the ball to Spiller!

That said, the Bills host the Dolphins in prime time this Thursday night at 8:20pm. In place of the usual all-you-can-drink specials McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s will be offering $3 domestic beer, Blue and cocktails from 6pm through the end of the game. McFadden’s will have the game on WITHOUT the sound, Calico’s will have the game on WITH sound, so pick your poison.

Here’s some pictures from last week courtesy of Mike Coniaris. Mike is actually looking to take a break from taking photos of the games and looking for a second person to help out. If you are interested and will be there on Thursday, please introduce yourself to him. Otherwise, feel free to shoot us a note.



Matt “Talkin’ Proud and would like to at LEAST sweep the fish this year” Kabel

Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans, Hurricane Sandy

Hello all 2,108 NYC Bills Fans,

I’m sure we’ve all had a long and hectic week, I’m working out of a local coffee shop in Bay Ridge as our office in Tribeca is still without power. I know my wife has a lot of friends who lost their homes this week, your fellow NYCers are in need of blankets, warm clothes, batteries, garbage bags etc. I have yet to find a good website with dropoff locations, but am sure you can just Google a location near you, assume most churches are accepting.

As always, life goes on, the Bills head to Houston to take on the 6-1 Texans. Mario Williams returns to his old team post-surgery, will he be a hero or dud? Come on down to McFadden’s & Calico’s, kickoff is at 1pm and specials start at noon and run through the end of the game.

Don’t forget, Sunday is also Marathon Day, which as of now is still on. Please plan accordingly when making your way to the bars.

We’ll send info for Thursday Night’s game against the Dolphins, both bars WILL be showing the game on all TVs as always. We’ll likely do a revised drink special as I’m sure most won’t drink themselves into a stupor as usual on Sundays. And I say most, knowing some of course will!

Stay safe out there folks, all of us at NYCBBB have you in our thoughts and prayers.

Matt K.