Purchase Bills at Jets Opener Tickets NOW!

by Matt Kabel on July 12, 2012

Hello all 2,052 NYC Bills fans.




And you can bet your arse that we’ll have one hell of a tailgate planned! J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!

Here are the details again for the tickets:

“There are 2 price levels available, with both sections on the away team sideline:

Upper Sideline (currently section 336)…$105/each

Upper Corner/Endzone (currently section 330)…$75/each

Parking is also available in the Orange parking lot, $25/each (per car not ticket).

For the online link, we set the max purchase at 8 tickets and 4 parking passes per order. We can accommodate larger groups, but they will need to call me directly to book the seats.

A couple notes/suggestions/disclaimers for the group…tickets in each price level are subject to availability. We will sell out at some point so I can’t guarantee a specific section or seat. I will continue to add seats available for your group, but the section and location may change from what we have initially depending on the amount of tickets ordered. Also, the $75 tickets are in bigger blocks, so they will be more tightly group than the Upper Sideline ($105) seats. The Upper Sideline seats will still be in the same section just a little more broken up throughout the different rows.

My direct line is 973-549-4883, and my email is baiello@jets.nfl.com. Any questions or concerns from a member have them contact me directly and I will help them get set up. One last thing, all purchases through the link are final and non-refundable…so make sure to double check before submitting!”

Matt “Talkin Proud and May the Best Man/Woman Get the Best Seats!” Kabel



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